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CIEM_IMPIANTI_Srl is born with the goal of creating innovative solutions for the problems connected to the water pollution and to their treatment through the continuous research and experience accrued along the time by its technicians. Thanks to this commitment the avant-garde technology of Microbioflottazione was developed….

… The Microbioflottazione is a new patented technology in the field of wastewater treatment from various origins civil, industrial and zoo-technical; this technology is a plant evolution of the Bioflottazione system, a process that is relatively recent, though already well established, of biological oxidation of organic biodegradable substances in polluted water, which, although shares common aspects with the traditional methods of bio-oxidation presents some typical features that give it a distinct character of originality.

The first studies about a “forced oxidation” system date back to 1978, when Mr. Giambattista Odobez began experimenting an innovative system of oxygenation, with the purposes of cleaning up wastewater from mixed or industrial origin, particularly refractory to any biological treatment approach. Over the years, Mr. Giambattista Odobez, founder of GB. Odobez Srl, and his collaborators have designed and built dozens of plants extending the market to several European and non-European countries. In 1996 is recorded in 26 countries around the world a patent of the Bioflottazione system, thus starting the commercial development of this technology, today successfully tested in industrial and zoo-technical fields.

In 2007, in consequence of the sudden passing of Mr. Giambattista Odobez, some of the collaborators, through their experience in the years in designing, manufacturing, research and development, in collaboration with the mechanical workshop that has always built and installed these plants, found the CIEM IMPIANTI Srl, taking over the patent of the GB. Odobez Srl and taking advantage of many years of experience in the field, in parallel with the construction and running of the already established plants, in order to obtain a different system of treatment for some kind of wastewater with benefits of performance, economy and ease of management compared to Bioflottazione, patent in 2008, the new technology of Microbioflottazione.

The two patents are so used depending on the wastewater type to be treated, in order to optimize the best peculiarities of these two technologies and to reach maximum results during treatment.


The strength of the patented technologies of Bioflottazione and Microbioflottazione consists in an high oxygen transfer capacity to the wastewater, in the selection of a highly efficient specific biomass and in the physical cracking of pollutant macromolecules.

With the patented systems, inside the treatment tanks, due to the plant structure and the particular conditions of work, the wastewater to be treated expands and pulverizes, intimately mixing, under turbulence regimen, with the air aspired for the expansion effect. As a result, the oxygen of the air in contact with powder particles of the wastewater and in a state of high kinetic agitation, dissolves the particles themselves in more intense manner.

Thanks to whole extensive area of wastewater particles, generated by  these systems, in contact with oxygen, along with the strong kinetic agitation of the particles themselves, the constants of transfer are very usefully increased.

The dissolved oxygen in the wastewater in the said intensive manner completely oxidizes the reducing inorganic substances possibly present (sulphites, sulphides, etc.., decreasing the toxicity for the biomass, measured in equitox up to 99%), and triggers a bio - oxidation process of the nitrogen and organic matter, including, at least in part, those refractory to conventional biological treatments. The initial pollution load of the waste water is strongly reduced in terms of organic and ammonium nitrogen, BOD5 and COD, with partly transformation in carbon dioxide and water, and partly in solid substances eliminable by flotation, sedimentation or filtration. Furthermore, in the plants dedicated to nitrogen removal (especially for the zootechnical field) a denitrification phase is added in order to reduce nitrites and nitrates, formed during the oxidation phase, to molecular nitrogen emitted in the air.

The high performance of biological activity is mainly due to the specific mode of oxygenation ("extreme" environmental conditions selecting particular bacterial strains), obtained by combining the processes of Bioflottazione and Microbioflottazione with the high oxygen  transfer capacity, ensured by  the utilization of these systems.

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