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Microbioflottazione con EOX

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Typical realization

frecciaZootechnical plant
The Bioflottazione system has been applied successfully for some years to the treatment of zootechnical manure...
frecciaIndustrial plant
The Microbioflottazione plant can be applied to a broad spectrum of civil and industrial effluents...
frecciaMBR plant with Microbioflottazione
The aim of the recent experimentation and research carried out from the technicians ...




CIEM_IMPIANTI_Srl is born with the goal of creating innovative solutions for the problems connected to the water pollution and to their treatment through the continuous research and experience accrued along the time by its technicians. Thanks to this commitment the avant-garde technology of Microbioflottazione was developed….

Useful info

freccia Innovation in wastewater treatment with the :

EOX: The new patented system that has revolutionized the oxygenation with important savings of costs on a total amount of investment up to 40% and also a significant reduction of maintenance costs up to 50/60%
freccia Start-up of the new plant for nitrogen removal in Mantova
After final tests, the new plant for treatment of zoological manure and digested manure from Biogas production process is definitely started
freccia Completed the new plant for nitrogen removal
Completed a new plant for nitrogen removal from digested manure close to the town of Mantova (Italy)
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