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Microbioflottazione con EOX

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EOX the new external oxygenation system reactor

EOX is the new patented revolutionary oxygenation system  which reduce maintenance and running costs up to 50% compared to traditional treatment systems, with very competitive costs also for small scale factories.

a) SIMPLICITY OF THE PLANT: this new oxygenation system is external to the treatment tank and occupies a very small area. Only a simple flow accelerator to mix the volume of treated water, is installed inside the tank. Any accumulation of sludge and foam formation is avoided.


Comparison with a traditional plant with submerged plates (left side) and the external oxygenation system EOX (right side). As can be seen, the biological process tank equipped with EOX system has no internal installation.

b) EASY MAINTENANCE: maintenance of the biological treatment tank is no longer necessary using EOX system, since the treatment tank itself does not need to be emptied and cleaned or requiring the use of special machines (crane, etc.) to extract the oxygenation system. The maintenance of one EOX reactor (outside of the tank) can be made easily by a person in one hour. In fact for medium and big size plants - due to its simplicity – the new EOX system can be equipped with a parallel by-pass line which can be activated during maintenance operation in order to keep constant the oxygenation performances.

c) BEST PERFORMANCES: increasing the AIR-WASTEWATER contact time in turbulence conditions, the efficiency of oxygen transfer is improved.

Consumi energetici

specific treatment of oxygenation EOX system on biorefractory molecules and on waste water with high Nitrogen load. Treatment with EOX high pressure system can significantly increase the BOD/COD rate an then enhance the biodegradability of pollutant molecules.

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