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Innovation in wastewater treatment with the :

EOX: The new patented system that has revolutionized the oxygenation with important savings of costs on a total amount of investment up to 40% and also a significant reduction of maintenance costs up to 50/60%

The main advantage are :
a) SIMPLICITY OF THE PLANT : This new oxygenation system is external to the treatment tank and occupies a very small area. Inside the tank is put a mixer for mixing the volume of water that must be treated. So you can avoid any accumulation of sludge and also foam formation phenomena due to the type of water.
b) SIMPLICITY OF MAINTENANCE ACTIVITIES: With this oxygenation system are no longer required extraordinary maintenance of the biological treatment tank and also all the maintenance activities are considerably simplified and reduced to only a few hours of work by a single person without emptying and cleaning the tank and also without breaking off the running process or use special handling devices to remove the system from the tank. In fact for medium and large plants - due to its simplicity - this new system EOX can be equipped with a line parallel by-pass which can be activated during maintenance activities while maintaining constant performance of oxygenation
c) BEST PERFORMANCE : Significantly increase the contact time AIR-WATER in turbulent condition further enhance the efficiency of oxygen transfer.

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